Donate Satoshis For Schools In El Salvador And Make Children Happy

This fundraising campaign was launched to support schools in El Salvador. Bitcoin is to be explained to every child in class by trained teachers, so that every child gets a fundamental basic knowledge about the monetary system. By purchasing technical equipment, we also want to enable the children to practically apply their acquired knowledge. Join us and become part of this important movement.

For every donation, we give a children’s book as an ebook to thank you for your support.

Quick and easy steps to donate your Satoshis

Collecting donations

Donate via the Bitcoin On-Chain or Lightning Network and receive a children's book in the form of an e-book as a thank you.


Check transparency (click)

The donations are in good hands and everything is transparent. The success of the fundraising campaign can be monitored on Tallycoin.


Distribution of donations

Once we have collected 1 BTC, we are on our way to making the schools and the children happy. We will communicate the progress via social media (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube).


Wir lieben unsere Partner. Sie sind der Motor hinter unserem Projekt


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Do you need more information? No problem! You can ask us anything.

Yes! You can donate as much as you want! Every Satoshi counts.

We are happy about any support. You can tell your friends, your family and everyone you know about this project. That helps us enormously.

All payments take place either on-chain or via the Lightning Network. And ensure that donations arrive safely and transparently.

We are many. Everyone can be part of this movement. We follow the vision of Nakamoto Satoshi when he/she designed Bitcoin.  We want to be transparent and serve the common good.

Yes, we make sure that every school we support teaches the children a proper basic knowledge and hands-on experience with Bitcoin.

We also accept FIAT currencies. But you have to buy the book here on Amazon. The Amazon revenues are then presented in a Google document on a monthly basis.  Click here to view the Amazon revenue.

We want to limit ourselves to the topic of Bitcoin, because we believe that this knowledge can create a prosperous future for children.

We don’t just want to decide for ourselves who deserves support. We like to listen to the experiences and reports of the community and, if possible, we decide together.

Join the movement and help us reach our goal of ONE donated Bitcoin for children's education

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